Project Engineer

We are seeking a highly motivated and highly motivated Project Engineer to join our dynamic team.
As a Solar PV Project Engineer, you will be responsible for the successful planning, design, and execution of solar PV projects. Your expertise will contribute to the growth of renewable energy and the reduction of carbon emissions.

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Project Coordinator

To be responsible for administrative tasks for the project manager and team members which include preparation, scheduling, coordinating and monitoring the assigned engineering projects.

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Solar Installer Technician

As a team dealer to supervise and organize duties on project site work progress move smooth and completed & assist team to install the solar panel system.

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Indoor Sales

• Monitor and update sales and customer records,
• Actively seek out new sales opportunities, networking and platform.
• Attend to all sales inquiries & follow up, provide customer service as necessary.
• Provide customers with information such as warranties, credits, funding options, incentives, or tax rebates.
• Follow up with customer satisfaction and provide feedback for continuous growth.

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Admin & Human Resources

Daily Attendance, Petty Cash, Account Payable, Human Resources, Assist to Account & HR administrative works

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* As a team dealer to supervise and assist duties on project site
* Installation Panel of Solar System
* Communicate with Customer

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Purchasing Clerk

• To perform administrative and clerical duties for the purchasing department
• Monitor and manage inventory control, re-ordering if stock levels fall low
• Perform data entry & filing
• Responsible for reducing costs to the company, such as evaluating costs of purchasing from various suppliers to arrive at the best deal.
• To monitor goods received and transport arrangement delivery on site.
• To assist job assigned by superiors and documentation preparation, filing

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