About Us
GME GREENTECH SDN BHD is established in year 2009 as the Malaysian company in the market. GME GREENTECH SDN BHD integrated on the solar PV system with the available solar products and services to help our customers.

Electricity is major important resource to support human beings daily life and activities. With increasing demand of electricity needs in the global arena, there are several alternatives to generate the electrical power energy. Solar energy is the renewable alternative in replacing the non-renewable resource to yield the electricity flow. It brings out the energy which is produced by sunlight expose.

Hence, the solar power panel occurs as the solar product to generate the electricity flow to the customers. The solar energy under solar power panel is originated from sunlight and transfer into electrical voltage flow.


Solar energy is the modern renewable energy alternative to generate electricity. The solar flat panel has solar energy absorption from sunlight and decreases the heat level. Solar PV system passes through the inverter product after converting the Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC) electrical power for home uses. When the excess electricity produced by high solar system existed, it will be transferred into the power grid. It is suitable to generate solar energy in Malaysia whether for homes, commercial and solar farms the customers.

To be main solar provider in performing the real service solutions and solar products with acquired technology advances and skillfulness.


• Providing the solar energy products with sustainable quality and safeness environment.

• Developing core competencies to generate new technologies for solar energy products.

• Achieving customers’ needs and expectation by delivering several of solar panel and inverter products.

• Existing the Environmentally Friendly to preserve the environment.

• Retaining the target demand to support the solar products.

• We envisage solar energy to replace traditional fossil fuel as major energy source, achieving reduction in global CO2 emission.

Reasons to Choose GME
Maintain the improvement towards the extended product and technical skills to obtain customers’ demand and expectation.
Implement the scope of work onto business activities as well as concerning the maintenance service, electrical installation, testing and commissioning of solar system projects in engineering services.
Have the excellence professional teams to deliver the products and services with the real solutions towards customers.
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